The Daleks Have Arrived! Exterminate…

Check out what I passed on my way to work! I have some creative neighbors…



Our Family’s Newest Addition


We were blessed to receive a large amount of albums from Aaron’s late uncle. These albums are absolute gems! They are in excellent condition and are a nice reminder of Uncle Mark. We had no idea he had such great musical taste. Every album seems to be a winner. And Aaron really wanted to take good care of them so we scoured IKEA looking for a perfect match. The glossy grey was a hard sale for me but I think Aaron was right and it looks great in our place. It looks like us, It reminds us of family and it just plain looks cool! So, thanks Uncle Mark…we love and miss you.


A Walk in my Favorite Spot


Creek 1

Creek 2

River 3

creek 4

creek 5

Top 3 Things I Learned in Seattle

I recently went to visit a dear friend in Bremerton, WA. Basically, it’s a suburb of Seattle, via ferry. This dear friend of mine recently had a baby (WAY AHEAD OF ME by the way!) and I just had to go see her and the 6 week old little man. It was a great (yet short) trip and I quickly learned the following things:

3. You REALLY DO change diapers every hour. Mothers are not lying when they claim this! I witnessed first hand the never-ending cycle of feed, burp, nap, diaper change, repeat. Seriously…it never stops and that “nap” was like 15 minutes. Unless you’re in Seattle for the day in which case the baby will sleep non-stop and then terrify you for the night ahead.

2. Babies know when you are phoning it in. They want you to be bouncing them with full concentration. Anything less than full attention will end in baby crying.

1. I quickly learned how to hold baby and bounce them while drinking wine! These are the things any good friend would want to master. Go ahead…I know…I should get an award.

But with this face…I’d do just about anything. Except change a diaper…I managed to avoid that the entire time…go ahead…give me that award!

Loved meeting you little guy! Stay cute!!


An Anxious Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve decided to do a little detox cleanse (never-mind my previous post on the perfect iced coffee..I’ll deal with my caffeine addiction later!) and one of my main detox symptoms is anxiety. I can get so anxious! If you know me, that is not a shock.

While I was pregnant I had some of the craziest panic attacks of my life. It was a huge bummer because there is not a lot you can do when pregnant. I couldn’t just pop a xanax! So my midwife suggested Passionflower and Skullcap.

I put a full dropper of each in a small glass (nothing better than a whiskey glass when detoxing!) and mix with cold water. I drink this about 3 times a day. I could probably use less if I dropped the caffeine. Baby steps…baby steps.

If you know of any other treatments for anxiety…let me know! I’m all ears 🙂