My Favorite 30 Minute Yoga Routine

I’ve been in a funk lately and I know it’s because I’ve slacked in the yoga area of my life. So, in hopes of reviving my yoga passion I decided to share my favorite routine with you. Try it, you’ll like it!

Three rounds of Sun Salutations


Chair Pose for (5-10 breaths)

chair pose

Triangle Pose (20 seconds on each side)

triangle pose

Warrior 1 (5-10 breaths)

warrior 1

Warrior II (5-10 breaths)

warrior 2

Tree Pose (5-10 breaths)


Bridge Pose (5-10 breaths)

bridge pose

Boat Pose (5-10 breaths)

boat pose

Pigeon Pose (for 10 breaths, repeated on other side)

pigeon pose

Seated Forward Bend (5-10 breaths)

seated forward bend

Corpse Pose (2-5 minutes)

corpse pose

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