An Old Dog Learns New Trick

old dog

I just got home from doing something I’ve never done before…wait for it. Oh, its good. Here it is: I walked out of Target without buying anything! Nothing. Not a thing. I had coupons. I had a plan. But the coupons didn’t match the merchandise so no good deals were to be had. Years ago I would have still used the coupons on lesser items because it was “saving money” but I’ve learned a lot about actually saving money. You know, like NOT spending any. Little things like that.

My mother did and continues to do a lot of shopping. I picked up some real bad genes from that one. Even though now I am a budget shopper and enjoy my local thrift stores, I can’t help but notice that the root of the issue is still the same: consumption. It must fill a void in me or something. Wanting to have more. Wanting to have security of some sort. While I would never consider myself a hoarder (I get rid of stuff like C-R-A-Z-Y) I like the security of knowing that Aaron’s got deodorant covered for a couple of months. And that’s as far as I take it.

As silly as it sounds, I felt proud of myself today for walking out on things that were unnecessary. I felt a sense of well-earned control and it helped me realize that I can reach my goals if I just practice a little control.

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