Monday’s Mindfulness Musings…


Hey folks! It’s been awhile and I’ve missed you.

I’ve been climbing out of a rut. I get in a good rut every once in a while. How about you? For me, they usually start with my lack of being present. I get stuck in my head. Get caught up in the “what ifs” and daydream about the way things could be. Its not exactly living in the moment. And it doesn’t lead to contentment.

I struggle with mindfulness and although it is the most grounding technique at my disposal it is usually one of the last tools I bring out of my toolbox. I prefer to use the more frequently accessed tools such as “worry”, “panic”, and my husband’s favorite “cling”. Yes, when I feel ungrounded and adrift…I cling. I cling real good. But I don’t like feeling and behaving this way so I need to get back at it. Get back to living. For me, that means I need to start doing the things I don’t like doing. Well, I take that back, I like doing all of them. It’s the lack of consistency that continually throws me off course. I need to meditate in the mornings, do yoga, write and be creative. ON. A. DAILY. BASIS. This is what will bring me back. Maybe if I blog about it…it will give my new found resolution some staying power. Wish me luck!

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