An Anxious Girl’s Best Friend

I’ve decided to do a little detox cleanse (never-mind my previous post on the perfect iced coffee..I’ll deal with my caffeine addiction later!) and one of my main detox symptoms is anxiety. I can get so anxious! If you know me, that is not a shock.

While I was pregnant I had some of the craziest panic attacks of my life. It was a huge bummer because there is not a lot you can do when pregnant. I couldn’t just pop a xanax! So my midwife suggested Passionflower and Skullcap.

I put a full dropper of each in a small glass (nothing better than a whiskey glass when detoxing!) and mix with cold water. I drink this about 3 times a day. I could probably use less if I dropped the caffeine. Baby steps…baby steps.

If you know of any other treatments for anxiety…let me know! I’m all ears 🙂


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