For the Love of Kale

So, I don’t know about you, but while I worked at Portland State I ended up going to a lot of direct sales parties (Partylite, Pampered Chef, etc.). I swear…I must have been invited to a party a month! I got so suckered in that a few years ago I even became a Partylite consultant. One party later and that was the end of that! 😛

Recently, I got invited to another direct sales party. Demarle. I had heard of them but hadn’t been to a party demonstration before. My dearest friend was throwing the party so I really wanted to make it. For once, I didn’t flake out and I made it! I was introduced to Silpat. See:

These babies are sold separately of course. The  perforated sheet is “to ensure better distribution of heat, optimizing the results from everything you bake.” And the Silpat® multi-purpose Baking Sheets are made of woven glass and coated with food grade silicone. Sounds good right? Here they are together in all their glory:

Now for the Kale Chips:

Grab some Kale. There are many varieties of kale and each is slightly different. I tried Lacinato kale for this recipe. Make sure you wash the can often be “earthy”. I like to do a general rinse before cutting and then rinse again.

For the larger pieces I like to remove the stem. This isn’t necessary but I think they taste better this way.

For the smaller pieces I just cut across the kale. I don’t want to spend all day cutting out stems!

Once all the kale is chopped, throw the pieces in a salad spinner and get to spinning. You REALLY want to get these guys dry. If they are wet, the chips will be soggy. Who wants that? Once I get them out of the spinner I blot them dry with a paper towel.  Now, the fun stuff…Seasoning! I decided to use salt and nutritional yeast.

I used an old cookie sheet to lay out the kale chips in a single layer…this is unnecessary but I was very protective of my new silpat and didn’t want to spray oil on it. I LIGHTLY sprayed the kale and sprinkled the seasonings on. Flip the chips and do this to the other side (transfer to silpat if using).  Then it’ll look something like this:

Place in a preheated 350 degree oven and check on them after 5 minutes. It took me about 7 minutes each batch (One bunch of kale yielded two batches). Then voila:

These are so yummy and guilt-free…I like my vegetables crunchy!  Enjoy!


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