My Favorite Finds of 2011

Hello Friends!

I have really been slacking in regards to this blog! I have spent most of my time building a new site…I seem to like the act of formatting! Stay tuned for details on that. This past year was one of incredible change for me. I moved to a new town (I love you Bend OR!) and left the comforts of my first home. I went from working full time to not working at all. I declared financial ruin in order to get out of a house that was never going to sale. A huge step for me…as I was a slave to keeping my credit score in check. I also started volunteering at an organization I feel passionately about and I generally feel pretty darn cheery about the next chapter in my life. Whatever that may be! I wish all of you success in the coming year and hope you enjoy many levels of personal growth.

Now, on to the list:

Friends with Flowers: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this organization. I was given the opportunity to be the volunteer co-coordinator (I share the position with another lovely lady) and it has helped me tremendously in staying involved with working and gaining supervisory skills (of other adults…many of whom are older than myself…so it was a real switch from “supervising” students). I am learning more and more what my weaknesses are (INSECURITY…although anyone who knows me is thinking “uh yeah duh”). Its been a real pleasure to work 7 days on and 7 days off (plus working…just means being on-call near a phone/computer). It gives me time to do things I want…and things I need to do (this house is in ORDER folks!). With my temperament I think it really helps to have the long break. I don’t get burned out anymore. And I no longer live with anger and bitterness in my heart. It was amazing to see the change in me when I came super close (number 2 of 70!) to getting a job. I immediately was angry and bitter at Aaron because I felt once I started working full-time I would be taking on the “2nd shift” after work trying to maintain the order I spent so much time incorporating. It is so nice to not have those dark feelings. Not that avoidance is the key to solving problems! I clearly will need to work on that in the future..or maybe it really is my temperament. I encourage you to find an organization you believe in…it feels so good to give back!

Eggs: In the past I was always vacillating between diets. Specifically veganism and vegetarinism. Then I married a guy who hated eggs…so I never really got into them. But I decided to give them yet another whirl and oh boy..I love toast and eggs in the morning! Oh..and the not working thing…great for being able to make breakfast! Eggs seem to really keep me going…I HEART EGGS!

Trader Joe’s: I used to judge Trader Joe’s pretty harshly. I was upset with all the packaged vegetables…why so much plastic? Or, I thought “healthy people don’t eat there…its all packaged food!” I was wrong. Sure, there are unhealthy items there…they are also everywhere! So, after much prodding from Aaron I gave it another shot. I specifically love their Organic Cage Free Eggs…they are a good $1 less than anywhere else I can find. They also sell Laughing Cow cheese wedges for cheap and the same goes with Kashi crackers. Also, their chicken breasts are also a great deal. It would be an error to think you can do most of your shopping there…but you can definitely score good deals on healthy organic items. Also..try the turkey bacon!

Vita-Craves: The doctors suggested I start taking vitamins in hopes of helping my system on my quest for pregnancy. I couldn’t stand any of the vitamins…all of them made me so nauseated I couldn’t even leave the couch…enter Vita-Craves! Aaron and I are so addicted now! We seriously wake up looking forward to taking our vitamins. Yes, we are geeks!

Book-Club: I’ve always wanted to join a book club. I started little book clubs from 3rd grade on (see previous comment about myself being a geek!) but I never was a part of a real bonafide book club until my time here in Bend. I love it! It involves yummy food (and of course wine!) and excellent conversation. I’m still struggling to break through my shyness with this particular group of ladies but I’ll get there eventually. I stumble on my words and can’t speak up when I actually have something to say. I just generally want to be a wallflower who is accepted! Oh insecurity…

Weight Watchers: For whatever reason, I also judged Weight Watchers pretty harshly as well. It’s funny as the young idealist in me slowly grows more quiet. I’m fine with it. Idealism is one thing…but if you don’t put your ideals into action…they are worthless my friend! I am all about action now. Not talking…doing! I lost 27 pounds in 2011…which is great…but oh so much further to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a great program for learning balance and moderation. It spills over into other parts of my life as well and that is just great! The quest for balance will probably always be my life’s journey.

And last but not least:

The Kindle: Ok ,so, technically I just got this last week but seriously I wish I would have gotten it sooner! I can’t wait a whole year to tell you about it! Like a lot of my already mentioned idealism…I thought e-readers were blasphemy! I mean I love the smell of books, the feel of them, always having two in my purse…I’m so romantic about my books so I didn’t want to cave to the technology gods. I was wrong! The kindle is great for things like book-club. I don’t need to own physical copies of every book I read. Of course there are many books not even available on Kindle and since my tastes are a bit less mainstream I’m sure I will still be buying many actual books in the future…What I love specifically is that I can download books from the library…from the couch! My dad instilled quite a bit of germaphobia into my life and to be honest..whenever I brought a library book home I was always thinking about the Seinfeld episode where George takes the book into the bathroom. I was always wondering “where has this book been??” especially since every book brought home would be smelled by the cat for an hour…it made me even more paranoid! But now..I can read a ton of library books…germs not included! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok friends, that’s the update for now! I wish you all happiness, health and success in 2012!

Many Blessings,


One thought on “My Favorite Finds of 2011

  1. Megan says:

    Wish you could enjoy some of the cage-free eggs from our backyard! They are so good! How I wish we had a Trader Joe’s around here. I look forward to shopping there when I visit home.

    And… I’m so proud of you! You are accomplishing your goals. and finding balance – two things I’m working on too. Love you!

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