Weight Watchers and My Morning Coffee Fix

A dear friend and I have decided to go on Weight Watchers together. I don’t think I ever would have gone on it it alone so I am very thankful she invited me to join her on the weight loss journey. It’s kind of exciting because yesterday I had a hamburger and stayed within my points! MUCH better than other diets I’ve been on recently. Of course, I haven’t dropped any weight yet so we’ll see how good it really is soon!

Calculating points has been pretty eye opening to say the least. Let’s just say that Happy Hour Chips & Salsa and Margaritas is no longer on the menu. Also, my 16 oz morning soy caramel latte was costing me nearly 9 points! So…I hit the internet looking for a solution. The Pioneer Woman does it again!

In order to make this more WW friendly I filled a tall glass of ice with half coffee concentrate and 1/2 cup of 1% milk and 2 tbsp of half/half along with 1 tablespoon of fructose (left over from a previous diet…) SIMPLY AMAZING. You must try it! This comes out to 4 points and about $.75 a glass! Here’s to “healthier” eating!


One thought on “Weight Watchers and My Morning Coffee Fix

  1. Keith Mettie says:

    Are you still on the diet? How is it going?

    I haven’t heard from you lately. Are you sure you want to keep in touch. After all, I am just your old supervisor. I would love ot get a phone call from you but don’t want to be pushy. My girlfriend from the early seventies who moved back to the NW from Hawaii a year ago has pretty much ignored me since she suggested we have dinner last Feb. We have not had dinner. I called her a couple months ago and she apologized for being a “horrible friend”. I have not heard from her since. It is now up to her to contact me which I don’t expect. Oh well.


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