A Dad to Remember

One year ago, on this day, I found out my dad was dying. Two months later he’d be gone. As I contemplate motherhood (hopefully soon!) I think about my father. I was (and still am) a daddy’s girl. We had a special relationship that I cherish to this day. Words can never express how much he meant to me or how much I miss him. So, I’ll just mention some of my favorite childhood memories that he gave me.

  • Birthday Talks/Letters: Every year when I was a kid my dad would make a big deal about my birthday “Oh you are 10 now!? The big 1-0! Well, that means I need to give you the 10 year old talk!” Sometimes he would write me a birthday letter. He loved to write. What I wouldn’t give to still have those letters.
  • The Radio Show Game: It was the 80s folks! My dad bought me a radio (with a recorder) on a vacation once and we loved to play “Radio Show”. He’d pretend I was a celebrity and ask me questions. I never felt more special! I have always loved advertising…and my parents knew it so my dad also encouraged me to record commercials during the “Radio Show” break….once I did a soap commercial and when we came back from “break” my dad asked me “so Serah, do you actually use dove soap?” and I said “No! I just advertise it” then my dad stopped the recorder and informed me that if you advertise a product you have to lie and say you use it. Thanks for the advice dad! I’ll use that when I finally become famous!
  • Wrestling: My dad was 40 when I was born and 45 when my brother came along. Many times my friend’s parents thought he was my grandpa. But he still wrestled with my brother and I….oh how we loved to jump on him and push him around! 12 hour work days and he always played with us when he could.
  • Super Mario Bros: I think he played Nintendo more than we did! He was very intense when he played…he was not messing around!
  • Death Game: This is going to sound crazy but I swear it was totally innocent and fun! Whenever my dad and I would go out on a “date” I’d push and push to play the death game. I have no idea how this game started or whose idea it was but I know I loved to play! The basics of the game was to look around at our surroundings and figure out ways to kill someone. For example: “I’d hang them from the ceiling fan over there!!” I’d giggle and get all excited. I was such a cute kid too…I wonder what my dad thought about my morbid sense of humor!
  • Getting Married: When I was really little I loved dressing up and pretending to get married…my dad was always the groom and my mom the photographer. As I got older I looked back and thought “huh, that was weird” but apparently its common and normal…so there!

Well, those are some of my favorite childhood memories. I miss you dad…hope you have internet in heaven so you can read this…or at least the Game Show Network or Laurel and Hardy…love you.


2 thoughts on “A Dad to Remember

  1. Morgan E. Moore says:

    Serah, this is really nice. I think this is something I will do for my Dad NOW, when he can still read it (that I am sure of anway). Thanks for sharing, and yes, the “death Game” is a little weird!

  2. Keith Mettie says:

    Serah, I am glad you have so many great memories about your childhood relationship with about your dad and how he loved you. Your memories keep him alive. I thought you might enjoy this song: it brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it:

    Tom Rush – Child’s Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dx6Zdx2AJ4

    Goodbye Mama goodbye to you, too Pa
    Little sister you’ll have to wait a while to come along
    Goodbye to this house and all its memories
    We just got too old to say we’re wrong
    Got to make one last trip to my bedroom
    Guess I’ll have to leave some stuff behind
    It’s funny how the same old crooked pictures
    Just don’t seem the same to me tonight
    There ain’t no use in shedding lonely tears Mama
    There ain’t no use in shouting at me Pa
    I can’t live no longer with your fears Mama
    I love you but that hasn’t helped at all
    Each of us must do the things that matter
    All of us must see what we can see
    It was long ago you must remember
    You were once as young and scared as me
    I don’t know how hard it is yet Mama
    When you realize you’re growing old
    I know how hard is not to be younger
    I know you’ve tried to keep me from the cold
    Thanks for all you done, it may sound hollow
    Thank you for the good times that we’ve known
    But I must find my own road now to follow
    You will all be welcome in my home
    I got my suitcase, I must go now
    I don’t mind about the things you said
    I’m sorry Mama I don’t know where I’m going
    Remember little sister look ahead
    Tomorrow I’ll be in some other sunrise
    Maybe I’ll have someone at my side
    Mama give your love back to your husband
    Father you have taught me well, goodbye
    Goodbye Mama, goodbye to you too Pa

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