7 Years…Can You Feel The Itch?

This weekend, Aaron and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. I cannot believe we made it this far. Way to go us! Saturday we floated down the river and this time I remembered sunscreen. Imperative. It was a lot of fun…when is floating down a snow-melt river in 90 degree heat not fun?

Our actual anniversary, Sunday, started off fantastic with the Dutch Bros. guy giving us free coffee for our anniversary. Thank you guy whose name I don’t know! Due to our lack of funds (and sense of adventure, folks!) we decided to go for a hike. Aaron picked “Todd Lake” which is about 20 miles from our house. I have failed all of you because not only did I forget my fancy pants camera but I also forgot my iPhone! Doh! It was so scenic and I can’t even find a picture online. Total fail.

It was a beautiful walk around the lake. Probably about 2 miles round-trip. It was 2pm by the time we got started so it was pretty darn toasty. There were beautiful marshy areas near the lake and we stomped through them getting incredibly muddy. We walked into the lake and saw that we were surrounded by tadpoles! It was a really neat experience…at the time we didn’t realize it but we were also surrounded by mosquitos.

We followed our hike with a homemade steak dinner. I nailed the gravy…thank you very much.

Here’s to another year babe! Now, lets go lather ourselves in calamine lotion…because what kind of anniversary would it be if we weren’t covered in bug bites??


One thought on “7 Years…Can You Feel The Itch?

  1. Keith Mettie says:

    Todd Lake is just south of South Sister. Your next hike should drive to Devils Lake to the west a short ways where there is a trailhead that takes you up to South Sister. You can hike as far as Moraine Lake or continue on a little further

    Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary! That is really wonderful! I hope that you have many more years together. It sounds as though you are really enjoying living in Bend-a far cry from Portland and especially the Stott Center. I am glad you got away from that place, although there are some nice people who work there. Angie and I will have our 31st anniversary on September 2nd. Hard to believe!


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