Healthcare: Good luck!

This is a first world privileged person complaint. I fully realize that I should not take for granted that I have health insurance. However, the system is so ridiculous, blah blah blah….you know. This is a rant post. Do not judge my grammar 😛

Today (after waiting weeks of course) I went to a local obgyn to try and see why I haven’t conceived yet. Well, what a bunch of crap. The “appointment” took less than 10 minutes and all he could do was tell me that my irregularity was due to my weight. I explained that I’ve always been irregular, specifically 20 years, and I’ve only been overweight for 6. The math doesn’t add up doc.

He completely disregarded everything I had to say, and spoke down to me. The most aggravating (I’d laugh except I’m so frustrated I could cry!) was that “Ovulation Predictor Kits are 99% correct Serah. It says so right on the box.” Love the bedside manner! I won’t even go into the fact that he decided to tell me that my chances to get pregnant were “very slim” I haven’t a clue what he is basing that on. So, he then “diagnoses” me with “PCOS” after you know 10 minutes and not a glance at the menstrual charts and temperatures I’ve taken for nearly a year now. Nope, not important.

So, off I go to fill my prescription for “progesterone”. No brand name, no nothing. The pharmacy was completely confused…which it seems they usually are…but this time if you have half a brain you’d know that you might need a brand when writing a prescription. You don’t write a prescription for “Seratonin”…hello! 5 hours later and no one from the obgyn office can seem to manage a call to Safeway and verify what the hell the doctor actually wanted me to take. I also dropped $35 on yet another OPK and what does it say on the box…wait for it guys cause its good…

“Certain medications or medical conditions, including but not limited to PCOS may affect the reliability of this test for predicting ovulation….” I seriously want to punch this doctor in the face! He treats me like I’m an idiot on conception (seriously do you know many women desperate for a baby that hasn’t read a million books on the subject?!?) and insults me on my knowledge of ovulation only to then have the box say the exact same thing I said!?!?!?! I COULD SCREAM!

In other news….I went to go see a movie to calm down (and wait for my prescription…which oh wait…can’t get filled because no one will verify it) and Horrible Bosses is the funniest movie! I love you Charlie Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really do….you’ve taken over my love for Jason Bateman…Charlie Day you are my hero. I am so excited for the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Pennsylvania! September 15th Folks!


2 thoughts on “Healthcare: Good luck!

  1. Megan says:

    How frustrating! To not have a doctor listen to you – isn’t that what they are getting paid to do!
    I hope that your journey to motherhood gets smoother and more peaceful.

    Even with a tough office visit you still found something to laugh about… you always find the silver lining. Love you!

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