Carmegeddon: Central Oregon Edition

On Monday, I had to drive to Portland for an appointment. Originally, I was planning on suckering Aaron into doing the driving, but the appointment got switched to an earlier time so I had to make the 4 hour trip solo. Cue the sad music.

I really did not want to make the drive alone. I had a “feeling”. Have you ever had a “feeling” about a day? For some reason, I felt compelled to follow all safety laws and speed limits. I was almost paranoid about it. I honestly felt like something “bad” might happen if I didn’t. Please, tell me you also find it funny that I consider following traffic laws a sign of paranoia? Shh…Don’t tell my husband!

The drive to Portland was nice. I made excellent time (even while not speeding!) but things started to get ugly once I started heading back. Highlights of the trip back home:

  • I drove around for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get back onto highway 26. I only passed it twice, and I’ve only lived in Portland my entire life. Doh!
  • I saw nine different cars pulled over in a ten-mile span. They were hunting for speeders like it was the 4th of July. I honestly thought to myself: “Is May 18th a day I should be drinking? Is this a holiday I am unaware of?”
  • I saw two guys fighting on the side of the road due to road rage. No cops anywhere for that crazy scene.
  • A decapitated deer carcass (I don’t even want to know).

At this point, my driving self-esteem was definitely taking a beating and then this dude passed me:

Look closely...That's the bumper in the backseat.

This beat up bumper-less convertible was driving surprisingly fast. He quickly passed this semi-truck (illegally) and for an hour I never caught up with him. Until:

People walking around in the middle of the highway is never a good sign.

CARMEGEDDON! After 90 minutes I decided to walk around too…guess who I found?

My buddy! Only two cars ahead of me...

For the most part everyone was surprisingly patient. I was kept entertained by reading the latest In Touch Weekly entitled: “Teen Moms Dating Disasters”. I usually don’t buy these magazines but while I was in Portland I picked it up. A happy accident.

It was fun to see what people did to entertain themselves. The man behind me got out of his car to pick blackberries. I saw another woman picking through the bushes with a bag in her hand. I giggled to myself about how she would be making “Roadside Blackberry Pie” and then I realized she was not picking up blackberries…she was picking up trash! I felt awful…the idea didn’t even cross my mind.

Two hours later….the traffic did not move. It was now 8pm so I decided to drive the two-hour detour through Maupin. It was gorgeous but I was too irritable to get out and document the beauty.

All this to say…traffic accidents in the middle of the forest are no fun. I pray the accident wasn’t fatal, but I have a feeling it was. I found out eventually it was a motorcycle accident. I just hope the motorcyclist last moment wasn’t spent in fear of the fall. How sad it would be to have your last moment of life be filled with fear. My heart goes out to all who were affected by the accident and I hope my detailing of the traffic wasn’t insensitive.

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