A Weekend In Review

Hello World…I’m Back. Currently, I’m exhausted and have no creative energy…so it’s a picture day!

Before watching FIFA and filling up on beer and burgers we had a nice walk around the Deschutes River. Isn't it picturesque?

These geese were everywhere! They were not phased by us at all...kinda freaked us out.

I couldn't figure out what this space is supposed to be used for. Any ideas?

I think a mobile pub is a cute idea, but in actuality these folks couldn't get this thing out of the parking lot.

Well, that was my weekend. I had my own version of carmeggedon yesterday…so look forward to that post!

Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Weekend In Review

    • somethingnicefornow says:

      I was surprised to see it here and not in Portland 😛 The participants were yelling and screaming and having a great time…but seriously…they were circling a parking lot because they couldn’t steer it!

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