Some “Nice” For You:

Today, I’m a bit lonely in the apartment. I still don’t know this town very well, and that makes me a little agoraphobic to leave the house. Don’t get me wrong, I went to the grocery store and stopped off to get coffee…but that isn’t exactly exciting. My current loneliness has been compounded by the fact that my cat seems to be avoiding me with fervour! What did I do to you kitty!??! Why won’t you let me pet you? I think she senses my clingy-ness.

Well, what can you do with a bunch of lemons? Make delicious lemonade, of course! Here are some of my favorite lemons to lemonade transformations:

Portland was Coffee Town…Bend is Not?

I loved Stumptown Coffee when I lived in Portland. Its smooth creaminess was by far superior to most coffee I’d had. And the best version of this delicious coffee was served at BackSpace. Oh man…I can still taste it. Of course, if you want delicious coffee served with a mind-numbingly good breakfast than your best bet is at James John Cafe, but they no longer serve Stumptown, but I had to show them some love! What up JJC? Wow, I got a little sidetracked there. My point is that I thought I would miss the coffee community of Portland. I was wrong. I found Dutch Brothers and LOVE THEM

Dutch Brothers is just my speed. The baristas are always friendly (almost freakishly so), and they are FAST! I have a delicious and creamy latte in my hand in a few short minutes, and I don’t even have to leave my car! And a large coffee is $3.75…with soy! I can’t beat that. And those attractive and energetic baristas…fun to watch.

13 Years With Wells Fargo And They Are Still Finding New Fees To Charge Me?

I am a hopeless romantic with ideas of how the world should work. In my perfect world being a loyal and reliable customer for over a decade should mean something to someone (other than myself). It doesn’t. The world simply isn’t the same anymore. Loyalty might not be the hot commodity it once was. I’ve been with Wells Fargo longer than most of their employees have worked there, and now they want to charge $7 a month for my account if I don’t open a savings account and deposit $25 a month into it? WHAT A SCANDAL! I have worked in finance for many years and please don’t be fooled by this. It sounds like a nice idea, but your local bank will rarely have the best savings rate. Especially if you don’t hold a high-account balance. If you want to have a liquid savings account with decent rates (in this horrible economy) than ING Direct is still the best bet. Where is the lemonade in this rant? Here it is:

It seems that Bend has nearly every bank and credit union available in this small town. I did my research and really fell in love with this credit union. The tellers are always friendly and most importantly no fees. Also, credit unions really are the way to go if you want your money to stay in your own community. Go SELCO!


I occasionally get bored not working (OK, a lot of the time I’m a bit bored), but today I found this site and it has me belly laughing! Oh misspellings and grammar mistakes…you get me every time. Who needs to pet a cat with this website on hand?

Hope I gave you some ideas on how to turn your lemons into lemonade. Have a nice day!


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