Laundry and Peanuts

While the husband is away, this wife will play, and now this wife needs to clean the house.  I know its a laundry day when I am voluntarily wearing the ever flattering forest green “Portland State University – Game Operations” T-Shirt. Yikes.

I find it interesting not having my own washer and dryer anymore. Sure I complain about it, but I secretly think it improves my laundry skills. I can use three washers at once! In actuality I could use six washers at once, but that would be quite rude. And this blog is titled “Something Nice for Now” so I try and be nice. I also don’t leave my clothes in the washer for hours on end so I never have that funky smell anymore. Hooray!

How can you tell if someone uses a coin-op laundry? There mantle might also look like this:

And here is fun little photo. First, a little back story. My husband seems to be able to eat us out of house and home and still remain at a steady 160. I could kill. I could literally kill. I, by nature, ration food so our eating habits definitely collide. So there is always a fun little discussion about why all the food is missing. Aaron on most days is grade A fantastic. And this photo proves it. He knows he shouldn’t eat the last of something so I think he’s trying…but honestly why would you leave this in the cupboard:

Maybe he wanted me to have those last eight peanuts or maybe he just couldn’t polish them off himself (protein is fillin’ folks!) Who knows….It’s a mystery for another day. But looking at this pathetically empty peanut jar makes me smile and think of him while he is on his business trip.


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