Podcasts That Make me Giggle


While working in data entry at MODA I was allowed to wear headphones while I worked. LOVED IT! But what do you listen to for 8 hours a day? 5 days a week. That’s a lot of time to fill. I got a good amount of romance novels in via audiobooks. Holla to my lady Robyn Carr and the Virgin River Series. You kept me entertained and dissatisfied with my marriage all at once. Hooray for romance novels and their unrealistic relationships!

That’s the secret folks…the ladies are listening to 50 Shades of Grey while at work. I never got my hands on it though…too popular. So I quickly found podcasts that met my fancy and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you folks. Here we go…


This is Aaron and my favorite podcast. It is great for a long drive or with a glass of wine on the couch. Jeff Garlin is such a gem and his guests are always funny. If you want to pee your pants laughing I highly recommend downloading the Tig Notaro episode. Pure gold. Pure gold!


The Josh and Ross podcast is no longer creating new episodes because Ross has a new show on E! and doesn’t have the time but it is completely worth going back and listening to these babies. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. For adults!


This UK podcast has a wonderful question and answer format that guarantees quick and funny responses. Great chemistry between the hosts. This podcast is a real original.

Well those are some very funny podcasts for you to check out. Laughter is important folks!

The Daleks Have Arrived! Exterminate…

Check out what I passed on my way to work! I have some creative neighbors…


What’s Buzzing Around this Week

Here are 4 of my favorite finds from the web this week. Enjoy the good news.

5972182fda71be1d0be200c71ab2deb5_crop_north.An Athletic Department Does the Right Thing: Read the article here

2D11515831-today-fb-dog-nuns-140129-01.blocks_desktop_mediumElderly Nuns Adopt Aging Pit-Bull: Read the article here

Female defence ministersFemale Defense Ministers Pledge to Break Europe’s Old Boy’s Network: Read the article here

woody allenA Rational and Sensible Discussion Regarding Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow: Read the article here

Our Family’s Newest Addition


We were blessed to receive a large amount of albums from Aaron’s late uncle. These albums are absolute gems! They are in excellent condition and are a nice reminder of Uncle Mark. We had no idea he had such great musical taste. Every album seems to be a winner. And Aaron really wanted to take good care of them so we scoured IKEA looking for a perfect match. The glossy grey was a hard sale for me but I think Aaron was right and it looks great in our place. It looks like us, It reminds us of family and it just plain looks cool! So, thanks Uncle Mark…we love and miss you.


Throwback Thursday: A girl, a boy and his hair edition


This was taken in 2004 when Aaron and I were dating. It was minutes before he got his 9″ afro cut. horribly. He looked like a young Thomas Jefferson. But I digress. He took it like a real champ. Here you go!


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